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    Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School opened in September 1998.  The school is a 50/50 Dual Language Program and serves a student population from Transitional Kindergarten to High School.



    The Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School believes in the full potential of each and every individual to act with integrity and to create their own knowledge.



    Students are respected as intellectuals as they develop their individual authentic self.

    Our robust academic program is focused on expanding language, developing core ethics, and building knowledge across content areas.


    Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School has three school sites: Transitional Kindergarten through Grade 6 at the Elementary School, Middle School includes Grades 7 and 8 and is located in the downtown Chula Vista area, and the High School is comprised of Grades 9 through 12 and is situated at the newest site built in 2016. Approximately a total of one thousand five hundred and fifty students attend the Elementary, Middle and High School. Classes are at maximum capacity with a yearly waiting list for most grade levels.


    Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School predominantly serves a large Latino population where 44% are classified as Emergent Bilinguals. The ethnic distribution of students is classified as 94% Latino, 4% White and 1% Asian, Filipino and African-American. Of the 1,563 Transitional Kindergarten through 12th grade students enrolled, 63% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch. Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School mobility rate is currently at 6%.


    Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School’s most unique aspect is its dual language program. The school was established to offer our community a program rooted in the idea of developing biliterate students who have the linguistic tools to thrive in the global society. The 50/50 model at Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School is designed to eliminate the achievement gap that adversely affects target populations. By learning two languages simultaneously, all students at Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School are referred to as Emergent Bilinguals, rather than identifying them as English Language Learners or Spanish Language Learners. The program strategically utilizes research-based strategies to reach all students as a way to impact social and educational change. The school also promotes the development of multilingual and multicultural competencies relevant for all students. The administration team works diligently to guide teachers in their instructional practice to enhance student achievement through the development of standards- based curriculum, language acquisition, connections to real-life experiences, and strong parent/community participation. Our goals are to celebrate diversity and international perspectives through challenging learning opportunities utilizing critical thinking for all students.


    Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School believes students learn and perform better when schools, families, and communities work together and support common goals. The school community actively pursues collaboration, encourages feedback, respects diversity, and promotes student achievement. All faculty members are committed to expanding opportunities for families to learn within the school as well as ensuring proactive teacher communication and relationship building with each student and parent. The school consistently partners with institutions of higher education and non-profits to implement college and career preparation programs and values the contribution of volunteers from families. An effective system of communication and dialogue with all stakeholders is an integral part of the community to develop positive relations.



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