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    Research Scholars

    Marine Science

    UC San Diego Extended Studies

  • Precollege

    The Precollege Division serves students 9-12th grade. Earn pre-college credit that can be applied during your application to university or community colleges. Meet, collaborate with, and potentially design your own research project with the support of leading marine scientists.

    Community College

    The Community College Division serves students that are currently attending community college in San Diego. Earn transferable research units . We are partnering with Southwestern College to create a STEM Pathways Program.


  • Program Goals

    1. Increase interest in marine science careers through authentic, place-based research experiences

    2. Connect Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) graduate students, professors, research affiliates, and alumni to mentorship and community engagement opportunities with research scholar students

    3. Inspire and support the next generation of diverse ocean stewards and advocates for their community by engaging in science communication

    4. Increase diversity and representation in STEM fields by providing access to ECO Pre-College Programs through scholarships to support high school and community college students from low income, first-generation and foster youth backgrounds in San Diego Region

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    Tier 1


    Tier 1 courses offer students a foundation in ocean sciences, specifically marine biology and related disciplines. Students will explore the diversity of life and how biological, chemical and physical processes drive ecosystem dynamics in a marine environment.

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    Tier 2


    Tier 2 courses offer students a multidisciplinary practical research experience in collaboration with Scripps Institution of Oceanography graduate students and other active marine science researchers in various industries.

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    Tier 3


    Tier 3 courses offer students that have participated in one or more Tier 2 courses the opportunity to practice critical literacy skills specifically needed in scientific writing and publish studies in our Marine Science Research Scholars Journal.

  • Affiliates

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    Octavio Aburto Lab


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    SIO Collections


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    Southwestern College


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    Venture Unified


  • Supporters and Advisors

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    Frank Santana

    Conservation Biologist

    County of San Diego

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    Meg Eckles

    Professor at Southwestern College

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    Samantha Wynns

    Science Educator

    AAAS If/Then Ambassador

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    Aatash Parikh

    Education and Technology

    Founder of Inkwire

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    Samantha Clements

    Staff Research Associate in Smith Lab at SIO

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    Ann Simonis

    Acoustic Ecologist

    Ocean Associates, Inc.

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    Zack Gold

    Marine Ecologist


  • Program Reach


    Students Served






    Scholarships Given


    We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive learning environment.


    We are committed to supporting our students past our programs through mentorship and college support letters.


    We are committed in recruiting and representing a diverse community of scientists to mentor and teach students.


    Our commitment to our students is reflected in our high retention rates and repeat students.